Vintage Gretsch Guitars

Wow. What a stunner.


Yow. That is the very definition of a Blonde Bombshell!


WOW! I think I'm in love.


Good lord, the flame and asking price are both eye-popping. I don't think Ive ever seen 3k on a Streamliner before, not that I am particularly attuned to the market for them. Spectacular instrument.


Oh hell yes! That's stunning! I have two kidneys...need one?


I wouldn't kick it out apartment.


Very nice. It would be a perfect mate for my 6120AM.


Yes, very pretty in the natural/blonde finish. I'll bet there isn't much downward movement on the price, given the descriptive description and setup. Odd description of the neck profile!

What's with that muck around the neck joint?? I think it'll sit there awhile at that price. pretty and original as it is.


Yeah, how in the world did that flamey wonder - and so few other highly figured guitars - escape the factory in Brooklyn?

I don't think flame was nearly as prized in the 50s as it is now (when in some circles, it’s fetishized). Maybe the factory even tried to avoid it.

A beauty nonetheless, meticulously described by what seems a scrupulous seller. If it was a 2-pup 6120, the money would be triple this. In that sense, its splendor is wasted on a mere Streamliner. Makes it worth more than it's worth.

Were I flush, I'd probably spend for it...then enjoy it as is for awhile while deciding whether to put in the second pickup and a Bigsby.

Yes, I might do that.


A scrupulus seller indeed. I bought my 6120 AM from them and they wouldn't budge on the price. Other than that, they were great to deal with; honest, knowledgeable, and provided very good service.

The neck reset is reassuring, providing it was done well. They are great jazz boxes for a retro/trad sound; love the old Dearmond 2000 pickup. I'm assuming this has a 16" body width? I'd love it, but I'm downsizing gear at this time.


Prot - I doubt I'd put in a second pickup...but I'd bigsbify it in a heartbeat. And, you know, maybe serpentunize it. Maybe in brass?

But I'm probably done with gear acquisition at this point. Economics and family obligations make it a dubious proposition. My tele is on the way. At some point. But beyond that, I'm likely done. Still like to fantasize though. And this one feeds that.


I agree WD, the description of the neck profile is odd; each to their own, but I'm a fan of necks that lean more toward slim; "baseball bat" is a tad offputting. If it sounded as good as it looks, and the truss rod worked well, I could see it being worth a shave at the right barber shop, current price notwithstanding. In the end it probably wouldn't sound any better than my old 6124. Still, beautiful looking guitar.


WOW! That is gorgeous!

As a teen in the 50's I'd never dreamed about some day falling in love with a 62-year-old blonde!


3k is a big asking price for a Streamliner, but that has to be the best looking Streamliner I’ve ever seen. I love that headstock stinger too.


Also, isn’t that a standard plastic Melita base, not ebony as described???


3k is a big asking price for a Streamliner

Still - from a pure function perspective, the guitar provides way more than half the functionality of a 6120, and we’d consider 6k a steal for a 6120 in similar condition, with similar wood figure.

I know the 6120 is the iconic model, which drives its market value up independently of its musical value - which is all psychology, thus not something we can rationalize.

But this guitar’s figure is almost unique (from what I’ve seen) in vintage Gretschdom. I think I’ve only seen a handful of Gretschs (of any model) with a comparable degree of figure - and none have been blonde.

Which might make this guitar completely unique, and lift it above its Streamlinerness. I guess I don’t think the price is out of line.


For me, one quick cheap, reversible upgrade is a black felt marker!

While I'm at it, a Serpentune bridge & a Bigsby would also be nice.


This is precisely the kind of guitar that I see and wonder...if I had ten guitars, wouldn't I consider selling two thousand dollar guitars to offset the cost of purchasing this. I can understand why someone wouldn't want to do that. But I imagine I might.


I used to have one just like that, I'll try and dig out a photo of it, it was a lovely guitar, streamliners are so underated


Not the best photo but you get the idea


I seem to remember the one I had was the one featured in your book Ed

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