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Wiring diagram for an electro 2 or something similar?


I'm curious if anyone has a wiring diagram for an 50's electro 2. I was contemplating putting a passive mid cut tone control in it.

The existing tone control doesn't seem to work (which is no big deal as I never use them)

it seems to have the hot wire of a coax coming from all the volume controls(neck, bridge and master) connecting to terminal one on the pot and then a .02 cap from 2 (wiper) to the casing (ground) Obviously meant to roll off top end but not doing it. Other pots work fine.


Belay the not working part I realized I disconnected the tone switch from the neck and bridge volumes so I could hook up a pickup switch, it might not have been necessary to disconnect them as they have 22k resistors in series which are likely to keep them from mixing at the tone pot. It is an unusual set up. Still could use a schematic. I should've made one when i had it all out.


Check out the TVJones site under "resources." All the Gretsch wiring diagrams are there.


My 1950-51 Bacon Belmont is essentially an Electro II. The wiring is odd. They had yet to decide how to control two pups. No switch, just a master volume (B), a master tone (C), and a blend knob (A). It well enough to find a nice tone.


Humourously I used to have one of those. I wonder if yours used to be mine! I bought it from a sound man in Eugene in maybe 1993 or $200 It was a lovely guitar but without much acoustic sound and I didn't know as much about setting them up, nor did I know the value of DeArmond pickups. As a second guitar in the rockabilly band I was in, it just didn't sound very good, which likely had a lot to do with setup. Sadly I traded it PLUS some cash on the same tour for a modern epiphone( ithink) black center block single cut archtop I saw at Stein on Vine in LA, A total piece of ^$%&%&^ (in my opinion..the epiphone not the bacon) that I pawned a year or two later.

I was looking for a schematic so I could wire up mid cut control for fun. However I rewired the volume puts (via the stock 22k) resistors and once again have the tone control working. Lot's of redundant coax runs. Probably because there's no switch, each pickup has a coax(via 22k resistors) going to the master tone, as well as having a coax going to the master volume. The tone control has a coax going to the master volume as well! Coax coax everywhere!


I see the pic on your registry page. What a beauty. With the bound f-holes, neck and so on, this is getting close to becoming a Country Club. It’s a beauty! Is it a 17” lower bout?


Thanks! Restoration is pretty well done. Just have to paint the stinger on the back of the head stock. Might eventually move the pickup selector switch from the F-hole to where it would normally be on a club. And yes they are definitely the precursor to the country club. 17" wide lower bout, 3 3/8" deep , 25.5" long scale , nice neck! I updated the picture on the registration page.


Nice! Can’t get closer to a Club. Where did you get that beautiful bound pick guard?


Neato! Mine came with a Melita (looked like a NOS gold one in near mint condition..I don't care for them so I sold it for a bundle) On this guitar it looked like brand new one too. I made my own synchromatic type bridge. I still have the original tailpiece as I think it's cool. I just use a bigsby all the time and I want to use this guitar not display it.

The pickguard was original but was only bound on the bottom edges and around but not at the pickup cutouts or between them (maybe it was an altered fully bound one, who really knows.) I bound the pickup side of it to match. Mine also as renecked sometime in the 50s with a 54 or 55 neck. It has a truss rod, humped block markers and the more modern gretsch logo.

That catalogue is funny. -I wonder what a tone mix control is? Is that the master tone control?(treble roll off) Mine has a master volume as well -"choicest curly maple and spruce" PLYWOOD!!! bahahaha - the ad says a melita bridge but the picture shows a synchromatic


If mine is anything to go by, tone mix control is a fader that pans between the two pickups. A blend knob instead of a switch.


Okay I made a schematic myself using a mirror, and have the switch addition and what I will eventually do when I feel like it. On mine the tone control is a tone control I guess yours is a mix pot, Hilarious! Interestingly, having forgotten why i disconnected the volume pots from the tone control. I hooked them back up and it still worked and I had a tone control, however what then happened is when using either pickup I have about 75-80% of the other pickup mixed in with it! So I have to disconnect it and not use the tone control, unless I decide to run the master volume to the tone control and then to the output

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