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Wiring and ident 74 White Falcon


I own this beautiful '74 7594 WF (very early post-fire, and model is clearly written on the tag) with 6 switch/2 pot layout identical to the 7595 shown on this stereo WF in the catalog: http://vintage.catalogs.fre... Everything I have read shows the 7494 as mono and -95 as stereo, and there is clearly difference in the 94 and 95 physical switch and circuitry layouts. While I can't guarantee anything 100% in this day and age of near-magic technology, as an experienced examiner of Martin and Gibson acoustic guitar provenance (it's part of my job with a fine-instrument underwriter) I am certain that the top has never been removed thus nobody got in there, erased the 95, and revised it to 94 (and why would anyone???).. If they were to do that, might as well re-serialize it and make it a few model years earlier. The switches clearly control top 3 and bottom 3, stereo/mono, etc, and the jack is stereo - I built a splitter cable that does what it should. If it was retrofitted, some of the switch positions would not match the layout which is why it appears to me to be mislabeled from the factory. All that said, it's got some hum and buzz issues. I've pulled all the switches and pots (all period 70s stuff- nothing appears to ever have been replaced over the years) cleaned them up and reinstalled much better than before, but the 3 way switch nearest the neck is the biggest issue - it's very hard to find the on-off-on sweet spot; however, even when I jumper across the terminals, still have lots of buzz. Anyone have a 74 stereo and mono wiring diagram? thanks!


I had a 70's Stereo Gretsch White Falcon like yours that I scored back in the early 80's.

It had all the glitter on it and got comments but electronically it wasn't that great.

I had to really dial in some tones and the switches didn't seem consistent.

Sometimes they would reset themselves and throw off the tones I liked then at other times, I got some interesting sounds.

It was too unpredictable and too much gizmo that were kind of inconsistent?

Sometimes the switches would work better then at other times ,,

After looking at the wires inside, they just seemed non impressive, kind of cheap, lots of small, thin colored wires?

This was before you could get all these new pups and the like.

I even had a Stereo splitter chord built for and and all that.

I ended up trading it for a 1965 Gretsch Country Gentleman through a music store and ended up liking the Gent much better.

The Falcon was kind of cool, rare but didn't seem to have that real "Gretsch Sound" I was looking for, via, like the "Country Gent.

The newer Falcons on the other hand, are quite nice :)

I have a couple of mid - 2000 6136 DC double cuts which I love.

One has been upgraded to TV Jones Classic Filtertrons and the other has 67 era Filtertrons from an old 67 Nashville.

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