Vintage Gretsch Guitars

Win 1967 Tennessean


I think this is for Germany/Europe only as it's not on the USA site. For once, you guys may get a shot at getting a good deal on a Gretsch.

Hang on. It just popped up. Looks like everyone gets a shot.

Nope. I just tried to go through the massive terms and conditions and it seems like Northern Yurp only. Also, if you log onto the link, your browser may get messed up as my link to reverb keeps defaulting to Germany only and everything keeps showing up in Euros.


Dang what's with the pickup covers... .needs some Setzer repros.


I entered just fine. I'd change out the bridge right away.


I just clicked and was entered too.

Bridge is gone for sure, but so are the cheesy Baldwin knobs


The terms and conditions definitely state that it's only a few european countries , yet strangely the draw will be held in Chicago......

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