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Why has there never been a DC Jet Firbird reish??!?!


I mean, c'mon!!!

It NEEDS to happen!!!!!!!!


I meant to post this in "modern". sorry. but since the reish never happened....


well? there's all the malcom signatures :|


yeah, but they're not the same...


They are especially cool with the bigsby on them.


Part of the "problem" may be that many of the originals came stock with Burns tremolos rather than Bigsbys. Burns (IMO) looked cheap and turned out to be cheap (unreliable).


They do have RI Duo Jets. You could always paint one red!

Seriously, DC jets have really grown on me since I saw a '62 Duo Jet. I don't care for gold trim and the Burns, but the early DC's with chrome and G-tailpieces (which would be immediately swapped for a Bigsby) are very nice looking guitars, and presumably sound and feel pretty similar to the single cuts.


afire... only a batch or two of that format made, so if you find one, grab it!


The only one I've ever seen was bought by an unlucky GDPer. The guitar looked sweet, but evidently it didn't turn out too well for the buyer: 1961 Duo Jet


Does anyone else have issues with the placement of the switches on the upper bout being so close to the neck pickup?


Yeah me,never liked that about those Jets.


The master volume placement kinda makes up for that with me. And I do a wrap-under when I string up b/c I don't use the Burns. Again, the TONE of the thing makes up for the kinda iffy vibrato.


I had issues with the switched on my single cut jet.... so I just pulled the mud switch out of the guitar!:D

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