Vintage Gretsch Guitars

Why doesn’t anyone show pics of the tail end?


I like big bouts and I cannot lie, is what I want to say but I really do like a "Nice" bout.

Dang, Curt, you just can't unsee, some of those.


Here is a little tail from a 57 6121 I did a neck reset and restoration on a few year back. This one belonged to Andy. A real PhyscoBilly rocker! Can't recall his bands name right now. Something like the Hypnotic 4 or similar


Tail end of 1958 Streamliner to 6120 conversion. No charge for my bulldog photo bombing the pic



– Curt Wilson

I didn't know you had a levitator, Curt.

Or is that just an example of Natonal's triple vortex magnetic flux engine in operation without the top screwed down? No wonder their tricones have such a light and buoyant tone. Does the government know about this? Did Herr Rickenbacker make off with classified research from Tesla's secret stash? And in 1928! Who knew?

If they could scale that up, it would revolutionize transportation.

I say all God's chillens need levitators.

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