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When you let your elephant sit on your guitar…


Mystery knob on the upper bout must be the Jimmie Webster elephant caller


Mystery knob on the upper bout must be the Jimmie Webster elephant caller

– RichB555

I believe its the extra-mojo on/off switch



– Curt Wilson

Right? I mean, maybe if they still had the bridge. Lol.


Maybe destruction was done by part weasels which couldnt scared away in time


To me this looks a lot like a stage accident.

This is sad.


Says “No strap”? Dealbreaker.


Is it common to list a sale on two different internet auction sites? That could bite you in the ass, I would think.


Look at the bridge pickup, the guitar took a major blow. No one sat on it, it's more like after being assaulted with an ax or something. And correct me if I'm wrong but the only value in this guitar are the non-bashed bits? The Bigsby, tuning pegs, knobs and one pickup? This corpse is worth maybe $200-250?


Wonder if you get the whole case or just the bottom. The lid is MIA.


Looks like a single heavy boot stomp to me. Either an anger management issue on the part of the owner or a serious act of revenge by an adversary.

I can hear the television Medical Examiner saying, "This was no accident.".


What's amazing is that the pickguard doesn't have a crack in it.

I've never seen a dented Filtertron before.

The badge should read "Chet Atkins Smashville Model."


The badge should read "Chet Atkins Smashville Model."

Ladies and gentlemen, lx will be here all week, try the veal!


$500 project tops!

– Toxophilite

Isn't this a bit optimistic? A pair of vintage Filtertrons (cosmetic dent only; not too hard to fix), Bigsby, tuners, case plus several parts. That's more than $500, isn't it?


$1500? $3700?? Broken case and no strap?

Someone's more than a bit optimistic.

Or is that delusional?


My2cents... In good condition... No bridge, knob added in stupid position, no strap, probably binding rot .... 1800-2000 tops!

With all that damage 350-500... And you have to be glad about it.

Curt-what would it cost to restore it? I bet a new reissue would be much cheaper...


If this were a Tele the bids would be through the roof.


Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn! Ask Tiger Woods... Ladies can do some damage to a guys stuff if they get torqued-off enough.


The pickguard is actually a proper late 50's 6120 guard. This combined with the other bits make it a good parts guitar i it was priced right.


Guys, this is a CS relic, duh


Wonder if you get the whole case or just the bottom. The lid is MIA.

– mj sawicki

I think the lid is there... look at the other pix on the Reverb side. I do wonder how the top got so damaged underneath the pristine pickguard, though...


Per the ebay pics, the low E string has a kink above the bridge pickup, the A string is gone and the D string is busted. Were they trying to pry the bridge off , bust the bridge pickup and didn't damage the pickguard? Maybe a case of Bridge Repo, somebody wanted the Bridge back.

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