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What’s your favourite 6120 year & why?


The fretboard of the 1st 6120 labeled as a 6120


The master #33002. 59'Body--60' year model. Modified in 1990 to be just like Brians. Never let me down.


Danman playing the 54' a few years ago. I'm done now ----Stepping away from computer :)


Danman playing the 54' a few years ago. I'm done now ----Stepping away from computer :)

– Gasmoney

Ha ha, that’s a nice memory to wake up to this morning! And it’s still a great feeling that I was allowed to hold the very first one!

I have been thinking about my favorite 6120 year and have been having trouble deciding.
I love both DeArmonds and Filtertrons for different reasons and different uses. But I have mainly been playing solid bodies the past decade, my 71 Tele and my 59 LP junior. And P90s are my favorite pick ups. So a 6120 with two P90s would be my dream hollow body…..

For me there are three things:
1-The feel. Because I mostly have been playing solid bodies I love the compact feel of the slightly thinner 1960 model and of course the 61 model feels great to me too. And I love the tightness and compression because of the trestle bracing. These years feel very balanced and tight and sturdy to me.

2- The sound: Very tough to decide. Filtertrons and DeArmonds are both great pick ups and I like them both for different uses and sounds.

3- The look. Because The Stray cats were my introduction to Gretsch in 1980 and the 6120 became my dream guitar then, I love the look of the thumbnails and Filtertrons. So it’s a kind of nostalgic thing for me. And because I own the 1960 6120 that is used on the GDP Home page, I have to say the 1960 model. But when I play an earlier one I can’t find anything wrong with those either…. ; )


Awesome pic of Danman. Made my morning that one


Awesome pic of Danman. Made my morning that one

– Shuggie

Ha ha, mine too......


Well come on Danman let's have some pics of the 1960!


While we wait on Dan's pic,here's my 57!


Great read GasMoney. Have admired your collection and playing in your videos

– eCastro

It was a great day when Fred brought several of his 6120s to a roundup.

Many oogled, but were afraid to touch.


1955/6 full western - has to be dynasonics too. Though the humpblock '57 is a close second. I saw George Harrison with one on the '85 Carl Perkins special and was instantly hooked ... alongside Duane and Eddie.. I can't be dealing with the whole Brian Setzer image thing so I've tended to shy away from them to be honest to the point that if I ever get a Gretsch hollowbody it'd be a Cadillac green Country Club.


This early 58 is nice too. Still got some 57 features.

– gretschcrush

I doubt that's a 6120 at all. Aside from looking generally fishy, the transitional 6120 is thumbnails and DeArmonds, not humpblocks and filters. I'd guess that's a '58 Streamliner conversion. And I'm pretty sure it's been picked over on this forum in the past. I know I've seen that pic before.


Well come on Danman let's have some pics of the 1960!

– gretschcrush

See if you recognize this picture.. ; ) It's our Home page guitar.


Well come on Danman let's have some pics of the 1960!

– gretschcrush

And one more. It was in Ed's book on page 117, on the right.


I had the good fortune to play 2 or 3 Eddie Cochran tunes on Gasmoney's '55 -- this at one of his bar gigs a few years back. The famous "Dirty Frank's Chili Cook-off."

What a great guitar ! And some voice told me --- I just had to play Eddie on it.

Thanks Fred. That memory will live on for me forever.


My Duane Eddy 6120 is a better guitar than my original '57 6120 was.


I love the late 60 &61's! I like the thinner body. I had a 58 40 years back and then a60. Body was not as thin as a 61 but I liked it better than my58 (which was somewhere in Corpus Christi, Texas last I heard..). I think I just prefer the thin bodies with the light Trestle Bracing as the are just easier for me to play. I have two Country Clubs, a 62 &64 that are both thinline versions. I've had a few thick body Anniversary's, both 59's and I just like the thinner body. I had my first Anni. in 1970 and then got a64 Tenny and the Tenny just ended up being my go to guitar as it was more comfortable to play.. I'd love a thinline `61 like Neil Young's first Gretsch 6120!

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