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What’s this guy smoking? 1971 6120



It looks like from his description that he doesn't suffer a fool... except for the one in the mirror.

Shaking my head at this "all original" 6120 which has been "overviewed by our nation's best guitar gurus for its originality." And then comparing these statements to the questionable headstock blemish, the clearly non-original tuning machines, the non-original standby switch tip, the barely legible (but still laughable) "Certificate of Authenticity" which states that the guitar is certified as "5 of 1022"... guess where they got that? That's right-- the serial number is 5 1022! Hey, at least he got the year of manufacture correct...

By the way, serious offers only-- If you don't know what it's worth, then don't make an offer!!!

Once again, P.T. Barnum was correct. I wonder if this guy used to write ad copy for Ed Roman (RIP)?


That's the best laugh I've had all day! It's hard to decide where to begin an email to this nut. His description reads almost like Bevette wrote it!...the king of BS! Maybe tomorrow I'll fire off an email....just going to bed now.

There's an odd anomaly with the bindingat around the 14th fret. Even enlarged it's hard to see clearly but it looks like the binding is possibly messed up. The side view looks like there could be binding rot on the bass side cutout and around the heel area. With the changed tuners and visible holes, I wouldn't peg this guitar at over $1K. I don't put any value on the Johnny Cash signature simply because he didn't play a Gretsch, he appeared almost exclusively with an acoustic which he 'sort of' played as he performed. It was really more of a prop for him when performing. This seller goes on and on about it as if it's adding a huge value and it isn't.


That's some serious hype going down -- Hey in case ya missed it... was signed by JOHNNY CASH


Must be a graduate of the Bevete School of Business.


Unless I'm missing something he has a list price of $1, which I take to mean that he'll entertain all reasonable offers. And that is Johnny Cash signing it FWIW. Go for it, kids.


Starting price---he wants lots more and implies it.

Still, I'd buy that for a dollar.


He's just trying to sell the sizzle along with the steak. I've seen worse exaggerations. Regardless, I'm afraid he will be disappointed with the offers.


Starting price---he wants lots more and implies it.

Still, I'd buy that for a dollar.

– wabash slim


I wrote to the seller and he wrote back. Interesting character to be sure! I wrote back again tonight and this time I pointed out that his "gurus" were full of $hit regarding their interpretation of the stamped ID on the back of the headstock including that crap about limited edition. I deciphered the S/N for him.

He insisted there wasn't another for sale and I suggested he look at eBay, Reverb and Gbase where double cut 6120 appear regularly. I also addressed the "all original" the gurus claimed - the changed out tuners, the die on or in place of the standby switch tip and the bridge/base. The only thing true to the original part of the bridge is the saddles. The bridge structure is a homemade POS and the base isn't ebony.

He tried to convince me the Johnny Cash signature would mean a lot to a JC fan, if not to me and went on to point out he has a BB King sig on a Gibson Lucille and a Buddy Guy sig on a Fender. I said those sigs do have value as they're on the models those fellows play/played whereas Johnny Cash never played an electric, let alone a Gretsch as he only played Martin acoustics and the JC fan he's appealing to will know that.

I told him to check with Ed or chime in here to get other opinions but that he'd only get the same corrective info I gave him. If he has any sense at all, he'll realize his "gurus" made him look foolish to say the least.

His reasoning for not putting a price in the ad was that he doesn't need the money but wants the guitar to go to the right home, which I interpret to mean a big JC fan.


The seller and I have written back and forth and he's re-written his ad. He's corrected the errors regarding the S/N info and some of the features not being original and elaborated on the fact he's really appealing to a big JC fan rather than a Gretsch fan.

I give him a big thumbs up for re-doing his ad and I think with it being a lot clearer, he'll probably sell it now.


A $1500 guitar... tops. Johnny Cash sig has zero impact on value. Might as well be a Johnny Carson sig... same difference.


I explained that JC's sig on a Gretsch is meaningless in light of the fact he never played a Gretsch. On a Martin yes, it would add some value, particularly if it was the model he played. His last email said he was basically selling a JC sig on a guitar. Some fans will pay outrageous prices for autographs and memorabilia from the rich & famous or infamous for that matter so possibly he will sell the guitar.

I didn't discuss pricing with him at all and as he says he doesn't need the money but is looking for the 'right' buyer, a big JC fan. The fact the sig is on a Gretsch is basically coincidental it would appear.


A quick look at Ebay sold items on a "Johnny Cash auto" search reveal a couple certified Cash autos that sold for under $300. So if this guy is really just selling the autograph then he'd be better off if was scribed onto a beer can or something with a little less value. He'll end up giving away a $1500 guitar to someone who's only willing to pay for the auto.


Too bad the seller doesn't have a cake with JC's signature on it... now that would sell!


I was wondering if I could get the autergraph off without damaging the finish.


Mr Cash was also noted for playing a Guild towards the end of his career.


True enough regard the other makes but the key word is 'acoustic'.

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