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What’s happened to the Gretsch’s lost Weekend site?


Can't seem to find the site anymore or a copy of his book? Any ideas?


He seems to have run into financial difficulties as he is selling off a lot of his '70's Gretsch gear. Check the threads for a few weeks back citing '70's Gretsches and the picture comes through.


Thanks for the link. What a shame he is having difficulties. It was an interesting site and it was nice there was somebody knowledgeable out there who had made an effort to save the information from this sketchy era. Hope things pick up for Mike Jones. Anybody read/seen a copy of his book? Can't get one over here!


I don't believe the book ever happened.


When I bought the TK_300 bass last week asked him about it but apart from details about the sale, he didn't respond to the other question. Someone should get that Broadkaster that was only up for $500. Dang the Supertrons gotta be worth $250.


I reached out to Mike to see if we can work something out so all that content isn't just lost.


Excellent Bax - have a Booneville section, after all it would be in safe hands on the GDP. There's certain Booneville era guitars that are easily on a par with Brooklyn era builds and dont deserve the infamy and negativity. I'm not talking high value but high quality builds like the Super Chet and Super axe. Two fantastic Booneville classics.


Being a Sales Manager for Gretsch in the 70's, Mike "interviewed" me at great length for the publication. If Baxter isn't successful getting the content, I know I have my Q & A portion saved somewhere as a WORD document. I hope he's doing OK ... a great guy, great player, and good friend of the G-Brand.


@Premansite - that's good to know. Get that info over to Baxter if the publication is a no no! Best Andrew


Well, I haven't heard anything yet. If anyone buys any of the guitars he has up for sale, give him a nudge for me, would ya?


A Wealth of information is up for grabs. Such a shame to be lost. I've messaged him. Fingers crossed

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