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Whatever Happened to Jay Scott?


Does anyone know whatever happened to Jay Scott? In the early 1990's, he had a guitar store in New York called "Nutty Jazz Guitars" while he was writing his book, The Guitars of The Fred Gretsch Company. A couple of years after the book was published -- POOF! -- he just disappeared from the horizon. Anyone know what happened to him?


He's around. Living in upstate NY last I spoke to him several years ago. He was going to shows still in 2012/13.

He really has a special place in my life. I got know him in the late 80's. A truly unique, witty guy.


Yep... he's still out there, but not very active in the guitar community at this point. I developed a friendship with him a few years back, and dedicated my second book to him. His work from the early 90s is what got me so passionate about Gretsch guitars.


How about Art Wiggs? Where is he now. Don't see Wings Guitars adds any longer.


I still have the original photograph of the Gretsch Rambler Jay used on page 179 of his book. We were corresponding during the writing of his book and he sent me the pic as a postcard. I wish he'd join the GDP.

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