Vintage Gretsch Guitars

What do you know about this acoustic model?


Sun Valleys debuted '56 or so; the seller's description is pretty spot-on. They aren't seen too often. Solid spruce top (like the 6003), which is something the higher end flat-tops didn't have. Interesting that it's x-braced; the more common 6003 is ladder braced.


Yes... this is the debut batch from what I can tell. Interesting that the Reverb example lacks the marquetry seam bisecting the back, like every other Sun Valley model I've seen (see photo), including one from earlier in this same #210xx batch.

The Reverb guitar has already started staining around the edges from the binding gassing off.


I like the mahogany grain on the headstock, that's cool.


I have a 1972 Sun Valley with sunburst finish on the top and the Burns gear box. The serial number is 102302. I don't know if the back and sides are rosewood. They appear to be to me more like mahogany. I haven't taken a look at the underside of the top to see the bracing. But it is a GREAT sounding dreadnaught. I love it!

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