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Weird hardware on this old Corvette…..


Want to know something?

When I first "discovered" the Corvette/AstroJet body cache in Nashville several years back, there was a whole box of those weird tuning machines with the bodies. Mike Armistead just gave them to me... when I brokered a deal on the bodies. I have a box in storage that contains about 4-5 DOZEN of those tuning machines. I think they were originally used on Sho-Bro guitars and steel guitars... they all came out of the loft at Shot Jackson's old music store on Broadway in Nashville.

So, it's not a stretch to say they are likely original.


All of the parts look stock to me. I know they used whatever was on hand. the Hi-Lo cover's look weird but I think it just is what fit under those covers.


Looks like a good price fm the Burns is OK.


I am still stupid on getting an earlyy 3/3 Vette, Twist or Princess.. with the 1 3/4 ' neck

Maybe this phase will pass, but I would prob have paid whatever they were asking for this one. Kleen!


Those Hilo covers are not factory. Just a wild guess, but if I had to guess, I'd guess modified GretschBucker covers.

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