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Looks like a guitar combo, but it ain’t. 66 tubes? What is this?


I came across this: http://www.ebay.de/itm/CORD... Looks cool I think but I have no idea what it actually is. Description says it's for accordion (CordoVox). Really? Why that many tubes? Anyone?


I'm pretty sure Ampeg guitar combos had input for accordion and guitar.


The Maestro GA45T was an accordion amp too Sascha, but they didn't have that many valves.

Looks like it's a tone generator of some sort to me - maybe a bit like a 'valve synth' for accordion type sounds.

At the current price it's worth buying for the cool cab and parts salvage - unless of course there are people who collect accordion ephemera.


Whoops MacS beat me to it.


"people who collect accordion ephemera"

Never met one yet, Shuggie, but I live in hope!

I wonder what response you'd get if you phoned Watford Valves and told them you wanted a matched set!


Might be a good find for some NOS 12AX7 tubes depending on how much it sells for.


Just a like a tube tone generator electric organ of decades past. Cordovox Leslies are killer.


Look at this:


MacS is right. It's the tone generator section of a Cordovox. It's a pre-transistor unit that also functions as a space heater. There was a second matching cab that held a Leslie type speaker similar to a Fender/Leslie16/18. The amp section was in the speaker unit.


Thanks everyone! What a weird piece of gear.

I'll have an eye on it. If it goes cheap - what I doubt - I might buy it.


Don't bother. Unless you get the speaker unit and the accordion and cables all together, it's pretty much a boat anchor. The tubes probably won't be of much use, either, as it's just a series of oscillator circuits. Save your money for something useful.


It's a jurassic synthesizer.


The term 'gentleman' has been defined as "a man who can play the accordion but chooses not to".


It's hard to play polkas without one.


When used with the matching accordion, it's sort of a very portable Hammond organ. They were popular at the time for lounge groups and very corny Rock bands like Gary Lewis and the Playboys.


I couldn't find one with the electronics and speaker in the photo.


Hey dig the double bass drums.. in '65. Pre Cream! They're jammin out on a Jazzmaster and Jaguar which were the total hot lick when it came to Fender .


Surf guitars were soooo uncool in '65.


They can't be NOS tubes if they've been used. That would make them UOS, or just old used tubes.


That would be pretested, burned-in, vintage tubes.


That'd be used tubes, not even pre-owned.


Rat-rod Tubes? Patina'd tubes? GENUINE RELIC TUBES! You can't use the word 'used' it drives down the price too much (tongue in cheek here :P)!!

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