Vintage Gretsch Guitars

wanted: bullet shaped truss rod cover



I'm looking for an original 1955 bullet shaped truss rod cover. If anyone has one for sale, please let me know.

Thank you very much! Hepkat67


Paul did a normal Gretsch TRC for my 1960 guitar and it had holes in weird places. Fit perfectly.


Hi there,

thank for the replies. I will contact Paul. If anyone know of an original bullet TRC, please let me know.

Best Hepkat


The point is that even if you get a vintage one, it's no guarantee the holes in the cover will match the ones in the guitar. It was done by hand then. i have a 1960 Anniversary whose TRC does NOT line up with the holes in my 1960 (same year) 6119. I did a rubbing and sent it to Paul and got a TRC that works.


yes, I see what you mean! Will follow your advice.

Thank you very much

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