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Vintage Style pickguard for a 6120


Hey Guys,

I haven't been on here for a while.

Just wondering if Herve still makes vintage style chet guards.

Its for a 58 6120..

Any help would be great.



Paul Setzer here on this forum makes nice pickguards


I was going to say, send Herve a PM. But he's not on the member list. Has he been MIA since the crash? I hope he's still making guards, and hope somebody knows how to get ahold of him. Please update us if you do.

If it's an early '58, Herve would be ideal. I know he's done the earlier 5mm thick square notched style. I think Paul's are mostly the 3mm late '58 and beyond type.


Yep Herve made one for me years ago Super nice guy and the guards were great


....and the logo and Chet sign post were engraved.. Unlike the vinyl versions, but too thick for my liking..


Herves are the best!

I occasionally do thick or thin engraved. But the logos are not 100% accurate.

Here's a thin in rich pale gold


And a thick in bright Gold or antique(I don't recall which one)

They are very time consuming!


How best do we move forward I'd like to purchase



How best do we move forward I'd like to purchase



Hey Johnny, send me a private message. Also I can give you Herve's email that I have.


message sent Paul - Thanks

Please use email listed in the private message.


But the logos are not 100% accurate.

They look pretty darned close to me. I've bought a couple of repros over the years, and to put it mildly, they were obviously not original and pretty awful looking. Thanks Art! The ones you've posted are close enough that I don't think I'd even notice.

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