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Vintage style name plate source


Looking to get a name plate on the head stock of the Grady guitar

Can one of you all direct me to a source for a blank plate that looks kind on vintage?

thank you


I would think a trophy shop might be able to help you?


Just a hunch, but the guy at BlueBond Guitars (Rich?) always seems to have old parts and stuff. You never know, could be worth a call.


It might be cool to do something different on this one, maybe brass and then have the engraving filled in with black paint.


I think the trick to getting an authentic vintage look is to find an engraver that still uses an old pantograph machine. CNC just doesn't look the same even when using the same font.

I have a New Hermes engravograph from the 50's but only a sans serif letter set that, while close doesn't quite match the country gent style tags.

Looks great for vintage NASA style control panels though.

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