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I just noticed this '51 Electro re-neck: Gretsch not only did a reneck with the heel dowel/neck lock, it appears they also installed an adjustable truss rod; the Electros didn't gain those until '54-55 when they were in their Corvette iteration. Interesting that Gretsch went to the trouble to do that. EDIT: Just looked at the neck heel again, this is a whole new (post-'57) neck. I don't think the tuners are original.

On this Synchro 300, Gretsch just chucked out the assymetrical non-pressure neck and installed what appears to be something like a Country Club neck. (I suspect this is also the case with that stupidly priced Synchro 300 with the Falcon neck that bevete keeps hawking.)

I did try an acoustic Falconized Synchro 300 a few years back which played and sounded fantastic. The seller thought it might be a factory re-neck. There was a detail on the construction which was not factory despite the "d" shaped neck and neo-markers - the headstock face tucked under the nut. You only find that on Modern Gretsches.

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