Vintage Gretsch Guitars

Vintage photo w/ ‘55 6120


Wondering if any of the GDP Country Music detectives can bring any more info on the guitarist in this photo holding the '55 6120? Not sure which of these cats is Tommy Vaughn.


Tommy Vaughn is to the left of the Gretsch player, who I assume is Jude Cook. He's the “take-off” guitar player...the lead man, so to speak. Two steels, pretty cool.

Searching for this group led me to an amazing book about the Country music history of the Detroit-Flint region and its huge connection to Nashville. Buddy Emmons, The Osborne Brothers...yes, I ordered it.

Check this out.


Kool TV front Fender amps also.


Good Lord, two steel guitars!


Good Lord, two steel guitars!

– Otter

That’s pretty much the same set up as when I saw Deke Dickerson with Scotty Broyles- except with Scotty on mandolin in place of the third guitar. They were literally overflowing off the stage.

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