Vintage Gretsch Guitars

vintage parts… C’mon man!


I understand that there is a market for vintage parts. I am not a proponent of stripping guitars to satisfy that market. That's not what this rant is about. My issue is an auction such as this, with Bevete-level pricing for a part that's impossible to authenticate. Asking $700 for a pick guard bracket... C'mon man!


$95 for three screws, $450 for a hang tag.

This guy's delusional.


I think that is bevete aka the Seattle dude. I don't think he's an Official Parts Weasel, at least by what I see listed.

Tedious Big Picture Analysis: As vintage guitar heads age out of the scene -there are just fewer people behind that age group, fewer are guitar heads, and of what there is --most don't give a damn about 1950s anything. They're more into the relationship of current technologies and musical instruments. That whole 'death of the electric guitar' thing, as in that WaPo article is silly speculation, but still the prices that were pretty standard 10-15 years ago by and large are not going to hold up.


Was there a period in which Gretsch used brackets with a completely rounded end?
I only know the brackets like this one: less rounded.


Just to be clear: This is the one they are selling. It has a rounded end.


I sympathize. I found out how it can be by looking for gold Rickenbacker truss rod covers. John Hall controls those like DeBeers does diamonds so them ain't cheap when you actually can find one, yessir.


Here's a quote from the description in the auction:

"We have decades of wires chase Gretsch sales of real vintage items accurately described"

What the heck does that even mean?


INSANE!!!! Should be criminal.....


Without part weasels, many of us would have unfinished projects.


Without part weasels, many of us would have unfinished projects.

– crowbone

But $95 for three screws (50 cents at Ace Hardware) is insane. No one will know (or care) about the difference. Pickups, bridges, and so on I could understand, and they'd have to be far more reasonably priced for me to even consider them.


Crowbone..... Agreed, but at these gauging prices my projects will remain unfinished.


There's a guy on Gbase out of Atlanta that markets "vintage" Bigsby springs, and appears to have an unlimited supply. I just don't buy it (literally).


Dan, I've got an older New Yorker and the tip is rounded with burrs on the edge that's similar. Still thou...that's a chunk of change for a gold bracket!


Another view

Ed, the guy in Atlanta...does he sell hinges and horseshoe etc.?


I guess it's the style that came after this long type with the neck shelf bracket.


You can fab a duplicate up for about 50 cents in materials.

Theres a local guy on Craigslist that has been selling a "vintage" Gretsch Pickguard for $250, That AD has been continuously up for about 8 years or so. The guy needs to get a clue, no ones gonna pony up that type of cash for a pickguard.


I had a local shop give me a price of $15 a pop a couple years ago! Link old thread about this

couple years before one of our members Len, westdeerpirate, needed a bracket and couldn't locate one. He ended up getting some made and I bought one of his extras for $10... I think.


Screws are screws, and anybody with tools should be able to make that bracket in under 30 minutes.


Agreed for screws and anything that can be replaced at your local hardware store.

I've been fortunate enough to find some major parts for not bevete prices that finished some projects perfectly.


Looking at this clowns other items I came across this...

I have one of these... it came as a throw in for some other thing I was buying. Even though it's probably only worth a couple bucks, if this seller is trolling for $655, maybe he'll buy mine from me for $300?


I'm thinking that the internet has, at least, one person with more dollars than sense.

Why else post these items at these prices. He's fishing for them.


I could use a few "vintage parts"... I assume I am of the same era as these guitars.

Left ankle, both knees, right eardrum, etc.


Woah! This reminds me of when I was doing up an old moog , trawling the net for parts and came across someone selling ‘vintage moog screws’.(for the chassis I guess) at $25 each


Dan, I've got an older New Yorker and the tip is rounded with burrs on the edge that's similar. Still thou...that's a chunk of change for a gold bracket!

– Setzer

Thanks Paul! What year is your New Yorker? I assume they first used these and then switched over to the later ones. Depending on the year that would mean that the bracket would not be right for 6120s and White Falcons, as he advertises... Or am I wrong here? That's a lot of money and specially if it wouldn't be right for those guitars....


I can't find my original post but I had posted once about an ebay sell for Vintage G knobs for a couple hundred each. These people are nuts.

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