Vintage Gretsch Guitars

Vintage Gretsch?


I've had this Gretsch acoustic for a while but have never been able to idenify it. It's beat to crap so i'm asumming it's fairly old. Anyone have any inital thoughts? I can upload more pictures if needed. I think "F-36" is written inside the sound hole but havent been able to find any Gretsch models. I've only seen this type of Gretsch logo on other models from the 30's. Any leads would be appreciated.


A clear shot of the logo would help to confirm that it's a genuine Gretsch might be a helpful.


Yes... let’s see the headstock. Please also check the very tip of the headstock to see if there’s a serial number impressed into the edge.


Thanks guys. Here's a close up of the headstock and inside the sound hole. I didn't see any serial number empressed.

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