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Track your stolen gutars.


Tile is the way to go.

A customer of mine showed me this little item. You can put it in your wallet, on your keychain or anything. You could hide one in a guitar case and if it gets stolen, you can gps track it. For $18.00 ea they are very affordable.

The scary thought is you could also hide one on someones car and track them. Not that I condone that.


You can put it inside of the control cavity or inside an arch top..


Did you read the link you posted? It's not GPS, it's Bluetooth with a signal up to 100 feet.


I looked into this a few months ago. They are not GPS trackable per se, not for $18. They rely on the tile being close to a networked smartphone (or a network, I can't remember the details), but still, a great idea that can only get better over time.


Not that divorce attorneys know anything whatever about these things, but here's a link for an interesting gadget. Now available in various sizes: Zoombak>>>


Sorry, didn't mean to mislead. Not GPS but bluetooth. It will call up the nearest phone with bluetooth to assist. Still pretty neat and accurate.


Point is you can't track a stolen anything. Most it's good for is finding your car keys.

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