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Vintage 6120 59 or 60 wanted


Hey all,

I'm new here - I'm after a 59 or 60 6120. I live in Australia

Anyone have one for sale? Or that can point me in the right direction. Any halp would be very much appreciated.

Cheers Jay


Welcome along Jay, there are a few of us here from Australia. Here's a nice flamey one at Guitar Emporium in Melbourne. Plays nicely enough and sounds good to my ear. Priced at the top end of 6120s of course, as you'd expect for such a good flame top out here in Australia.

Flamey 1960 Gretsch 6120



thanks Geoff yes i have seen that i think that is a bit high anyway the search continues


Tell them what you want to pay and walk away. See if the stray cat follows you down the alley


Tell them what you want to pay and walk away. See if the stray cat follows you down the alley


I want one too, especially since I played one at the Euro Roundup. It's probably never gonna happen though...


Personally I'd love a flamey 1960 cheap. Anybody want to sell me one for cheap? No?

9 It's my opinion that the '55 model year examples and the Flamey '60 model year examples are about the only 6120 variations still legitimately worth north of $10k.


You took the words right out of my mouth Ed. I would make exception though for one that's dead original - except for strings AND frets - and in exceptional condition.

Not to pick the scab off the discussion regarding frets - are they a consumable like frets or not? - we had here a year or so ago, but just because they can take decades to wear down, through multiple dressings, they ARE in fact the only other true consumable part of a guitar and therefore should NOT affect value.


So 10,000 would be out of the question?


So 10,000 would be out of the question?

– Jayvee

My $.02:

You never know until you ask. If one is polite and respectful enough, there shouldn't be a problem with such an offer, imo. That is one beautiful guitar, and worth pursuing for sure.

When I bought my '60 Gent several years ago, I got it for $5000 less than what it had been listed for (for months). I didn't have to ask, though. It was a consignment, and apparently the owner and the shop decided to drastically reduce the price to "move some inventory". When I saw it listed at the adjusted price, I was all over it. Anyway, the point is... you never know.


Sound advice Jim & I whole heartedly never know the seller's circumstances when you contact him with your offer. $10K is a lot of money and I believe, not to be discounted out of hand. Even if the seller turns you down now, he knows you're interested and might contact you later on if it doesn't sell and something in their life makes your offer attractive.

There's a couple of things to keep in mind when discussing guitars in the 5 figure range. While your offer of $10K is only essentially half the asking price, the seller has to realize when asking that high a price, there's a highly restricted number of buyers that may be interested in the guitar so he can't get upset. I know it's Australia and the prices are higher, but this also further restricts the number of interested buyers. Folks in America aren't close enough to see and play it, which is what buyers laying out that high an investment will want to do.

If I were going to make that offer, subject to an in-person inspection of course, I'd say that you are interested in their guitar but the full amount you can afford is $10K. Let them respond and go from there.

With the guitar priced beyond the normal price range for these guitars, flamey '60 or not, it appears to me, the seller is shooting for the moon when putting it up for sale. I predict it'll just sit with little to no interest or possibly a few other lower offers at best. It could become a staring contest, depending on what the seller responds with to you, assuming your offer doesn't make him mad enough to not answer, which wouldn't be a good thing to do, but you and I aren't the seller. Shoot him the offer with a brief note and see what happens.

I know it's a store that's selling it so do you know if it's theirs or on consignment? Either way the store is going to have it well overpriced to ensure a profit. I'd make the offer and wait them out.


hi all yes it is on consignment.

i know the guitar it is nice however..

to be honest i would prefer a plain one..

anyway one day something may come up..


The guitar in question is a '61, not a '60. At least by model year. I personally am not 100% tied to the model year concept (both views are valid, IMO, so I'll never call a seller a crook for correctly identifying a guitar's year of manufacture) and I don't know if this guitar was actually built in '60 or '61, but this is a case where it makes a difference, IMO. At this point, as a practical matter, '60 means 2 1/2" depth and dovetail neck joint. '61 means 2 1/4" depth and a mortise and tenon neck joint. I personally prefer the latter, but the market clearly seems to prefer the former. So, I would hope anybody valuing this guitar realizes that it is not what's commonly understood as a '60.

My two cents on value, either a stupid clean plain or really clean figured '59 or '60 gets into five figures. I've bought and sold a few flamey '61s and never paid or got more than $6000-$7000, and this was during what may have been the peak of vintage guitar prices.


Well the fact it's a '61 should be pointed out to the seller along with perhaps some comment that the '59/'60 model's popularity command more these days. In light of your info Afire, the offer of $10K now seems high, assuming your in-person inspection reveals it to be an exceptional copy, look that much better.


Yes well picked up

it is definitely a 61

neck heel gives that away and the body depth

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