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Vintage 6119 single pickup wiring diagram


Hello all,

I am working on a restoration on a vintage 1960 6119 with single filtertron pickup, single volume and single tone switch. The original wiring has been cut out and rewired to only have volume control. Was wondering if anybody has an original wiring diagram so I can get this back to it's original working order.

Many thanks.


Check out TVJones website. He used to have those posted, as well as making excellent wiring harnesses. While I have a 58 Streamliner with identical wiring and can peak inside, I have no idea of the specific cap values on the mudswitch. While many will say why bother with the mudswitch, I've come to enjoy it. Your Tenny is a real beauty and deserves to be brought back to original specs.



Thanks for the reply.

I have sent emails to Gretsch tech support. Gretsch got right back to me but said they do not have anything on file for this specific model but sent me a schematic for their basic "tone Switch" wiring and said to just omit the extra parts. I made a quick drawing and re submitted it for their techs to look at on monday so hopefully I will get an answer on monday. The schematic shows the mudswitch using cap values of 123k and 392k.

I also reached out to TV Jones after looking at the diagrams on there support pages and sent them the ruff sketch for approval as well so hopefully I will have something to post when I hear back.


Here's a vintage "mud" tone switch showing some values.

 photo gretschmudswitch.jpg

I happen to like the vintage values.


I couldn't quite make out the values on the photo's, but if they are different than the new Gretsch specs (probably is) go with the vintage values, as Paul Setzer above says. The tone switch is a lot of fun.


I can try to make a diagram and some photos later today. I have a harness of a 1959 single Anniversary. That would be the same as this one.


The cap values in Setzer's photo are .1µF and .03µF (µF is sometimes abbreviated MFD or uF – they all stand for microfarads, because it can be difficult to find the Greek symbol µ) The 200VDC isn't relevant since there's no high voltage in the guitar.

Also, .03µF is usually a short way to indicate .033µF.


Thank you everybody for your help and input on this project.

I got word back from Gretsch tech support today and made a quick drawing showing what they are saying. Any confirmation would be greatly appreciated.


:idea: Don't forget the grounding wire to the tailpiece. (Not always drawn on diagrams)


Hi Skeggox,
Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Been busy. The original harness (in this case a 59 Annie) is wired differently than the one you show. The main difference is that the pick up is connected to the mud switch and in yours it's connected to the pot.
I made lots of pictures of the harness. Send me a PM if you want larger ones so you can see what's going on.
I can draw a diagram too if you want. Let me know.
Don't forget that you might have to change the length of the wires because the pick up in an Annie is in the neck position and yours will be bridge.....


Thanks for the pics "Danman"!!

Thanks for the reminder on the ground to the tailpiece "Setzer"

Sorry for the late reply I have been traveling for work but finally back home so hope to finish up this project soon!

To clarify your pictures:

The black wire is coming from the pot to the switch and the white wire is coming from the pickup to the switch?

Both these wires (white from pickup) and (black from switch) are connected to the same lug on the switch?

Both ground wires from above and top leg of each capacitor are going to the other switch lug on same side?

And I assume the extra black wire coming off the ground lug of the input jack grounds to the tailpiece?

And the final question, are your cap values the same as "Setzer" mentioned" 223k & 473k??

You guys have been a great help, can't wait to get her back up and running.

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