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Very interesting Guitar on ebay


It has the silver surrounds and gold pickguard of a sunburst double anniversary. i like the pickups and the chet arm


Appraisal seems a bit high given the binding is threatening to fall off.


I really wonder about someone who would put the cheesey Baldwin knobs on a vintage Gretsch that had the standard gold plating over brass knobs, which most feel are lovely.

Sure would like that Chet arm!....have just the guitar for it. The reason I want it is that it's the older style which is essentially flat, compared to the newer iteration that has 2 extra kinks I don't like. And it's a tad thicker too.


My first impression is late '60s Anniversary refinished to orange. But the label has me confused. It's not one of the infamous missing 1957 roll serial numbers. I believe they were 24XXX?

Just took a mid-post break to check Ed's book for serial number info. Sure enough, 29975 falls within a 1959 6120 batch. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm starting to think this is a heavily modded and renecked 1959 6120.


I think the label photo was lifted from elsewhere and is not of this guitar. Quick search of the database shows 29975 is an intact 6120 owned by Redrocker.


Double Annie all the way, except for the label. The switches being closer together is one of the giveaways. I know we did a thread on this one before.


Note that the "f" holes have that sharp point which is traditional for factory bound "f" holes and not the flattened edges of unbound "f" holes. Since the Anniversary has the unbound "f'" holes it would be easy to conclude that this is a genuine 6120. Notwithstanding that, there were a few Anniversaries that did come with factory bound "f" holes and I think there are several dead giveaways that this is in fact a refinished Anniversary: First, as has been pointed out above, the two toggle switches are too close together. Second, the unbound headstock. Third, the headstock overlay is just the ebonized cardboard of an Anniversary and not the wood veneer of the 6120 with the horseshoe inlay. Fourth, the color is not the true "amber red" stain finish. Fifth, the back of the headstock shows the imprint of the serial number and it is clear -- at least to me -- that the original gold lettering of that imprint was removed by a refinish leaving only the embossed impression of the serial number. Sixth, Gretsch never used a label on the inside of the body when it was impressing the serial number on the back of the headstock; thus, either this picture of the label was lifted as suggested above or the guitar does have this label but the label was added by one of the owners at some time in the past to give the guitar "provenance" as a 6120. You don't add a paper label unless you are trying to pass off something as one thing when it actually is not


Well as afire said, the neck could never be considered as any vintage 59 6120, and the rest of the guitar screams Annie. The weird part is the label, which really can't be explained at all. So I'm thinking original neck and body, pure Annie except for some foolishness.


Board looks to be rosewood rather than ebony


Like I said, the label is what throws me off. But for that, I would assume refinished anniversary. And I agree with JBJ, the switches would be farther apart if it was a '59 6120 body, so no, that's not the answer. What's weirder, the seller doesn't even mention the serial number on the label, only the illegible numbers on the headstock, and clearly says it's an Anniversary.

Maybe he uploaded that photo accidentally?


That crossed my mind, perhaps grabbed Redrockers serial photo? Tsk Tsk


Here's a thread where we get into some of this type of discussion.

– JazzBoxJunky

Well, that's interesting. Same seller, a year or more apart. Photos are gone, but clearly the label photo must not have been in the previous listing, as surely it would have come up in our dissection. Weird.


That one has smelled weird for quite a while.


The quote from Gruhn's appraisal seems odd. It's nothing but an inventory of the features he sees on the guitar (which calls for no judgment, just observation and a knowledge of what went on which Gretsch models and when).

In that context, "The body conforms to the specifications of a style 6120 with orange finish" is accurate as far as it goes, but seems a bit weaselly. Elsewhere in the appraisal (not quoted in the ad), did GG weigh in as to what the guitar actually is - 6120 or Anni?

Likewise his description of the neck: "The neck is similar to a style 6120 constructed of maple with a dark center lamination and the fingerboard is of the same style as a 6120, but the peghead is unbound featuring a Gretsch logo with no other inlay."

Again, just the facts ma' judgment call, no exercise of anything other than observational expertise.

The seller isn't trying to pass it off as a 6120, plainly calls it an Anni, makes a feature of the non-6120 HiLoTrons, apparently full disclosure of everything.

So why include quotes from an appraisal that repeatedly refers to the 6120?


Sold for $2666. Scary.


Wow, I thought it might go for more, but that duplicate number is worrisome, to say the least.


Wow, I thought it might go for more.

I'm amazed that it got anywhere near that high. You could almost get two reasonable condition unmolested late '60s Anniversaries for that amount of money.


Looks like someone drank the koolaid...


PT Barnum was right, once again!

– Windsordave

You are So right Dave

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