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Va-Va-Voom! Killer 6120!


Where/how does Gary find these? Needs a truss rod cover though....


I mean, geez. If you like a lot of flame, I guess.


ZOW! I love that!


That'd be one hollow body I'd keep.


Wow! Later model of pickguard.


Wow - that's beautiful! But the low E-string isn't seated in the bridge properly and in the picture of the nut it seems real close to the edge. It could just be the angle of the photo though.


Beautiful guitar. Lighting is so important to see the flame/quilt on guitars. I have a couple of Gretsches with beautiful flame similar to this one. View in certain light/angles and the flame disappears. Often I have one on a guitar stand just to look at and I set it up just right to enjoy.


Another great one from that mid 60' time frame

Those batches gave us some stunning flamey 6120s

Would be great to see a collection of those flamed 6120's amassed somehow--Ed??????


I came close to buying a '61 6120 with that sort of tiger stripe. Actually, it was more tigery than this one. But, like most '61s, the neck joint was a little sloppy, so I passed. Man, I used to be absurdly nit-picky.


Wasn’t there pat # filters in this time frame?


Apparently there's a '59 at an estate sale in Bend, OR. It's listed in the SF CL as being in Soquel (nr. Santa Cruz) but the ad says it's actually in Bend. And it's ONLY $11.5K...

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I mean, geez. If you like a lot of flame, I guess.

– Proteus

I was gonna say flame is an old man's game, but I'm not into the flame.. gimme' birdseye w some burl. I do place a solid bet on it sounding far more amazing than any 6120 I own :)


It's '60 according to Ed's book's S/N chart - first batch. $11,500 is more what I'd peg it's value at than Gary's offering. Both are beautiful but I'm with NB though, birds-eye and burl are my first choice

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