Vintage Gretsch Guitars

Uggh, this just ruined my day


It's not so bad. A little spray paint with electrical tape masking, chop one the horns and you've got the whole EVH thing going.

With a Filtertron!


"Please take into consideration this guitar has been heavily modified."


Some people shouldn't be allowed near instruments when they have tools in their hands.


This one doesn't bother me. Corvettes are thin and are good platforms to make a Gretsch shredder if you desire. I bet it sounds awesome.


Owner: Ya know, I could have bought an ESP but I'd much rather butcher a vintage slab.

Luthier: Hey' It's your guitar, DUDE!


You think that's bad.

You should see some of my kid's "experiments".


But he just dropped the price to $395! You'd need a hunk of mahogany to fill the massive hole from the trem thingy.


This guitar can be saved. A few parts, some love and prayer. It could be returned to the fold.

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