Vintage Gretsch Guitars

Two tone 58’ 6120 ? Or funny side refin? (And a GDP a post used too)


This 6120 was on eBay last week and sold quick for 4400.00

Now on reverb with better pics and small markup (insert funny face)

the sides being very very different color has me puzzled.

Thoughts ?


Interesting, I’ve seen both fades but not on the same guitar.


I like the GDP screenshot included in the seller pictures. Nice touch. LOL


Yes I forgot to add there is very cool GDP a used in his listing.


I love the colour on the top n back. Very pretty!


Second batch of 6120 FilterTrons according to Our Book By Ed. Note the vintage Grover 12:1 StaTites. Don't trust photography especially on lousy web shites. Looks pretty original.

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