Vintage Gretsch Guitars

Two Tennies


Here are two off reverb... both have a much lighter top than back. Just crazy fading on each of these. Can't be refin since F holes look ok... could a batch have bene made this way. Usually fading is not even/consistent.

Dippy Euro price on one and another claims it's all original when it clearly has a replaced bridge


It's amazing how tops fade/darken with just the smallest amount of natural light. And the red dye used for the burgundy tops and 'bursts was especially prone to fading.


I like the faded look on Tennys although I wouldn’t purposely do it to mine.


Whenever I see a beautiful vintage Tenny, House of the Rising Sun immediately pops into my head.


I have one of those ex-reds. Most of the Tennies from 67 I have seen have faded to some kind of light brown. When I unscrewed my pickguard I found some hints of the original colour.


I had an unfaded one for about 25 years. It had the nice rich burgundy, not that russet potato look so many have now. Guard removed in this picture.


Dang -- all sweet pix of my fave Gretsch hollowbody model.


Wow. Two nice examples on different ends of the spectrum. Knavel’s guitar looks to be in amazing original condition lusunaturae’s has great character. Congrats to both.


After looking at this post I need me a Tenny!

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