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Travel case for Jet Firebird double cutaway 1963 6131??



I recently acquired a Jet Firebird double cutaway 1963 vintage (exact same model as Malcolm Young's guitar) and was wondering if any of you guys might have a suggestion as to what sort of travel case may suit it. I received it in an old case that is clearly too big for the guitar and because I do travel, I was really hoping to find a case that more snuggly fits the instrument. I actually brought it to Curt Wilson for a neck reset and crack repair last week and he too noted that the case was a little too large for the guitar and that it might even be prone to causing a break in the headstock if case and guitar were to be dropped. I already called Gretsch but the gentleman I spoke with was not able to help me out, stating that more recently made Jet Firebirds might not have the same dimensions as my guitar and hence their cases would not be suitable to my Gretsch. Any thoughts on your end?? Does Gretsch have a case I can purchase that would work or is a custom-made one the way to go??


Should be no problem whatsoever using a new Gretsch case. I'd look at a Blues Reunion brand if you are doing a lot of travelling; seems to be more practical.


So the new case would simply be a case for a reissue of the ‘63 jet firebird? Do you have a model number on that one? Thanks!!


Bring your guitar to your local music retailer, and try out their cases.


G6238 is the one that will likely work.

Talk to Curt about it.

The current case is similar to the vintage cases. The reissues Jets are very close in size.

The vintage cases can be found.

An ATA case is useful for air travel, but very heavy. These are available from local manufactuers who will cut foam to fit.

A light ATA style case is ok for getting around town.

There are 5 hard cases for Jet guitars on the price list, bottom of page 11, G6238, G6238FT flat, G6276 tweed, G6278 western, G6238XL Penguin. http://www.gretschguitars.c...

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