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Too many pickups, too much time


Was goofing around with my restored 64 club. I had a 54 custom shop strat pickup leftover from putting a couple on my Yamaha Ae1200S (which sounded loverly) So I was curious what one would sound like paired with a Dearmond 2000. I liked the idea of the clear strat pickup in the neck position. I had a weird old toaster type pickup cover lying about. I cut out the middle section of metal, made it more like a dearmond cover, made a tortoiseshell insert and put the strat pickup under it. Roughed in for trying it sonically, I would make it prettier and clean it up.

It sounds good. nice clear neck position and the dearmond provides a slightly thicker bridge position. they have some similar qualities so they aren't too far off and sound good blended too. Here it is roughly installed


and closer...ignore all the holes haha


Very nice work..and interesting..

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