Vintage Gretsch Guitars

The tale of two 1955 6121’s: the next chapter


And dry fit side view. Still need to check for angle, but it’s good to see the neck and body once again getting to know each other


Nice build. Looks like John Dillinger shot up the back of that headstock.


Using a small chisel, I slowly dig out around the wings trying not to damage what’s left of the original joint.

– Joe Desperado (aka: Jack Daniels)

These neck cav pix give me the willies. They remind me of the pictures my dentist would show me of my bad cavity before he fixed it. Disgusting.


Wow, that's amazing. Thanks for all the pics.

Glad this one's in competent hands.

I've got "Glass Onion" in my head now.


It's great to see these old geets rescued ,love these threads!


Love this! I really like seeing these guitars rescued and seeing pictures of the process. Good stuff!


Great work! I really like watching these restorations bringing back guitars to their former glory.

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