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Have y’all seen this. I love the look of this refin Country Club but the misaligned tailpiece is making me crazy. I want to buy it just so I can move it to the center.

Gretsch Country Club White Refin 1967



That is odd.

You can't move the tailpiece too far, though . . . the strings are pretty well centered on the fretboard now!


Misalignment or not, I like this guitar. The Supertron and Classic Plus pickup combination is like the 6122-1959 plus the ad says the nut is 1.75. Somebody is going to get a nice guitar.


It makes me wonder if that’s why the bridge base is glued down.


That is weird.


Sure it's not your eyes playing tricks on you? By turning the pic 90* you get this. Doesn't look too bad.


The offset tail piece isn't enough of a deal breaker for me but the glued down base may.


A buddy has an early spruce top Club that had a bad neck reset. Someone's answer was to move the tailpiece to match. Funny, though...I couldn't notice it played any different. Looks weird, though!


What is the odd knob for?


It's a vintage Gretsch. There's no guarantee the guitar is symmetrical, or the neck is mounted dead center.


The tailpiece placement is correct. The strings are centered on the fingerboard, and are in a straight line. Moving the tailpiece would ruin the guitar. Go arrange your silverware.


Looks to me like that third knob is where the standby switch would go.....


Yes, I think the bridge is fine. It's the weight (appearance) of the srtings, heavier vs lighter that make everything lean to the bass side. It's just easier to see those heavier strings.


Where does it say that the bridge is glued on?


In the Reverb listing, if you click the blue text that says "read more", it states that the base has been glued to the body.

Also, that extra text says that the third knob might be a master tone control.


You have to mount a tailpiece in relation to the fret board, so the real issue is the neck is on wrong in relation to the body. If you look at the bridge distance side to side to the f-holes, it appears the bridge is way over to one side.


My old '69 Annie is a bit like that. I reckon it was put together by the apprentice on a Friday. Still plays great though.

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