Vintage Gretsch Guitars

The “Grady” project. Doing up a Bigsby inspired Gretsch.


The tonal difference really pops out from the Country Gent to the Bigbsy.

Agreed. And the first time I heard this clip, it kind of depressurized my ever-present latent Bigsby GAS. The Gent sounds so much better to me. Of course, who knows how many factors that may be the cause of that, but since I'll definitely never own a Bigsby and probably not a TK Smith, I'll go ahead and assume that I'm not missing much.


There's a BIG difference in the quality of the recordings here, so much so that it's hard to compare the two guitars. And there's certainly nothing worrying about the Bigsbys tone on the Burnett's recordings


Lets face it, for the style of music, the hollow body warmth and thickness fits the bill better. Or at least, what we have been ingrained to interpet as better. Though I saw Joe Pass playing an old Tele and killin' it.


I do think a good part of what most folks like about the Grady Bigsby tone is the dry tight hard hitting bass strings, kind of like picking way towards the bridge kind of sound. This may be a tall order with a hollow guitar with minimal bracing. Part of the reason I mentioned it might be cool to make this guitar as solid body like as is reasonably doable from the pickup cavity’s.


WOW!!! super cool!

I'm also thinking of buying me a guitar to put TK CAR PU's in it... I saw a pic of them ona new JET and the result looked real cool. I'm wondering if they sound better in a Jet or in a hollowbody. I prefer Dearmonds in a Jet guitar...

Your guitar will be awesome!! I'm having GAS now!


This post makes me want to grab a late 50s early 60s Clipper to Mod. I think sealing the top with no F holes, along with the shallow body would get you close to the Gent sound...

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