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Super Chet Bridge Block ( seeking confirmation )


Just out of curiousity I wanted to see if any other Super Chet, or Deluxe Chet owners had checked to see if the blocks mounted under there bridges were actually attached to the braces the guitars strangely seem to have on the back I noticed that with 2 1972 models from July I believe , My Deluxe and Windsor Dave's Super the blocks were attached to the top braces but not to the bottom even though there was glue applied to the bottom of the blocks where they would meet the bottom braces if they were larger.

I was hoping some other owners could check in their soundholes with a light and a mirror. Check from a couple angles because the block throws a shadow which can be decpetive

Thanks very much!


Us fans of Baldwin guitars will be curious as to how widespread among models this enigma -block cut too short for the distance between front and back braces - is.

Since Bernie took that block out of my SC when he rewired it, it plays and sounds sooo much better...just kidding.

Anyway, here's the block in question out of my SC. The far end shows the dob of glue to be flattened and was actually in contact with the bottom brace it was suppose to be in tight contact with but wasn't. When still in the guitar, we could slide a sheet of paper underneath the entire block save for that one end. The other face of the block, the top side has two tiny points of a buried nail head, approx. 5/32" long near each end and a bit of glue which barely held the block affixed to the top braces.


Toxophilite and Windsordave my March 1972 has the block and it is completely attached to the bracing on the inside back of the guitar as well as to the parallel bracing on the underside of the top. That bracing on the inside back of the guitar is what I think accounts for why these guitars are so- o- o-o darn heavy


Well, the score is 2 to 1, or 1 to 2, depending on your viewpoint as to whether that block is needed or not. BTW, that block in the pic is a birch plywood and it's fairly light so it certainly isn't adding any weight to the guitar. My SC weights in at 9.5 lbs.


Dave This is a thread about bridge blocks


Hi Bernie,

Mine is most definitely glued to the back braces.


HI Paul (Cool song by the way! I did listen to it, I just forgot to comment) Any chance you can take a picture? From what I've heard 72-73 wasn't the best time for Baldwin Gretsch's

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