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Strange Synchromatic Bridge


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I'm selling off a '45/6 Synchro 100 here in the Garage Sale, and it came with a strange bridge. I've seen only two other of these models, both with a Synchromatic base and non-compensated saddle. The other two looked generic, but this one has small steps along the sides which match the whole Synchromatic stair-step motif. Has anybody seen anything like this before?


Looks like the bridge is an early version of when they switched from the compensated bridge like on my '41 Synchrol, to a non-comp'd one. Maybe they only had these for a short while before eliminating that stairstep feature. Going away from the comp'd bridge is still a mystery to me. This little stairstep is cool in keeping with the Art Deco design of the base.

What model are you selling lx and what are you asking for it?


Both the base and saddle are made with rosewood and both look old. You can see the tooling marks on the underside of the base. No-one has sanded it to match the top yet.


The Synchro 100 is the earliest post-war version, having five block markers; later ones had six. The scale length is a familiar 24.5". I know the Synchro 300 and 400 had 26" scales; maybe Gretsch thought they didn't need the more complicated compensated saddle for these early shorter scale versions?

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