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Spare parts - And a few questions about pickups 6120 Chet Atkins Na…


Does anyone know of a good place to buy spare parts for vintage Gretsch guitars? Need to replace a toggle swithc on a 1968 6120 Chet Atkins.

So the question about the pickups: 1. As I understand, the toggle switch closest to the horn is the pick-up selector, but what does the second toggle switch close to it do to the pick-up configuration? 2. Is it correct to say that the toggle switch below the strings works as an off button in the middle position and is in phase and out of phase eiter upwards or downwoards? 3. As I don't know much about these guitars, I don't know what to expect from the pickups I would like to know if it is normal for these guitars to have low output on high frequencies?

Thanks in advance for feedback.


I like feedback too....

The second switch is a mud or tone switch. Two different values up and down with the middle being off.

The lower bout unit is a kill switch, on, off on. If yours is out of phase in one position that would be a pretty cool mod.


If you're having low output in the high frequencies you should make sure you're tone switch is in the middle position as these guitars normally have plenty of high frequency potential. If it is in the middle position and still sounds 'muddy' you should spray some contact cleaner into the switch or wiggle it around a lot.

It's in lieu of a tone control it has two different capacitors, one rolls off the high frequencies and the other rolls off even more high frequencies. That is why it is called a 'mud switch' . It makes the guitar sound muddy.


"It makes the guitar sound muddy."

For me, this describes the dull(er) tone - like a blanket thrown over the amp - we've kidded about around here, of what [some] jazz players prefer in their tone.

I'm not pickin' the scab off that discussion, just sayin'....


Thanks for all feedback. I believe the "mud switch" is worn out. The middle position aparently does not change anything. It us hard to eve get it into this position. Does anuone have a wiring diagram for the electrics? I could use that to "bypass" the system to sumilate the middle position to verify if thats my problem.


Those switches are very ‘mechanical’ in their design, they’re basically a hinged throw that pushes little levers to make or break contacts (the pup selector and the mudswitch work in the opposite way to each other - on the pup selector middle is both sides active, whereas on the mud switch middle position means neither side active).

If you’re having trouble getting it in the middle it’s possible the switch is physically damaged. They’re very skeletal so it’d be easy to see if this were the case. Just pop the switch out and take a look, maybe there’s a bent bit that needs straightening, or maybe there’s some debris or even the cable that’s obstructing the area where it needs to move.

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