Vintage Gretsch Guitars

someone can help me?


other view


other view


back part


That old Amp has a better chance of having any value. Do you have a picture of the opposite side?


Yeah, depending on exactly what it is, that amp might be worth something. I'm not a Marshall guy, but I'm sure somebody here can tell you what it is and what it's worth with more pictures.


PM me re the guitar, and maybe the amp, I could be interested. I tried to PM you, but got a bounce back. You can email me at

I’m in England.


there I found this very old projector

– manx

I'm a very old projectionist, and that's a classic "magic lantern" for projecting 3"X4" (or larger) glass slides. Are there any slides with it? There looks to be some other interesting tidbits in the room.

The camera used either large glass plates or large sheets of film negative stock. There might be some value there, but, only as a collector item.

The amp might be worth something, tho.


Note the RCA proprietary badge on the interesting Marshall amp.

RCA had a studio in Rome. It's where, among many other things, Ennio Morricone and Alessandro Alessandrini recorded all that great spaghetti western music.

In my mind I always thought the studio didn't open in Rome till the 1960s but wikipedia says 1949. If so, and the studio did open in the late 40s, then a plaque from Gretsch as a house warming, as it were, might explain things.


The etch scripting looks like a lot of the others from that era that are used on their band instruments. i.e. horns and clarinets and such. I wouldn't put it past Gretsch to do some of these like this. It may have been more common than known. maybe they caused a rattle in time and people took them off. Just a guess on my part though.


I show you other items I found from old recording companyes closed and other places...


very heavy ampli


another picture


here some gears from a recording/dubbing studios


some old reels


reel label


reel detail


some old theatre tubes amplifiers


an army wire recorder


wire recorder, inside I found the audio recording of the news of the kennedy brother killing


some old computers

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