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Sixties Clipper Case - Alligator?


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What caught my eye on this was the case: real faux alligator. The interior is identical to the interior of my '59 Clipper case. The year of the pictured Clipper is actually '64-'67 and the binding rot renders the price as beyond delusionally optimistic. Some of the early '59 Clippers came with "silver thread" exteriors of the Deluxe cases and with the felt interiors of the budget Streamliner cases, but I've never seen alligator before with any Gretsch. Anyone seen this before?


I haven't. Very interesting. And you're right, he's lost his gourd if he thinks that's a '57, or that he'll get a grand for it.


That style case is new to me... but it's friggin'awesome (assuming it's faux gator, and no animals were injured in the making of said case).


My 57 clipper has a similar case but with red lining.


Here ya go, think I’ve seen these cases holding Guild guitars more often.


This is very likely NOT an original Gretsch case because it has no "Gretsch Badge" on the bass side of the case in the neck area that would read "Gretsch" and below that "Brooklyn Chicago". Case was made by Ess & Ess of Brooklyn who also made cases for Guild and (in the 1950's) Epiphone, hence the reason for the purplish plus lining being identical to that on Gretsch guitar cases. There is a Facebook group page entitled something like "Vintage Musical Instrument Cases" which has a plethora of detail of Ess & Ess. Lifton, Gelb, and other manufacturers


Just checked; it has heavier latches, not the cheaper clasps as on my Streamliner case.


With the Clipper needing a full re-binding and finish - preferably in a more interesting color - the case appears worth more than the guitar!

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