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Sister Rosetta Tharpe without the SG Custom?


Found this which some of you might find interesting - Sister Rosetta Tharpe playing a 1959/60 Anniversary. I've only ever seen footage of her playing Gibsons, so this was a bit of a surprise. I wonder what became of it?


She's very cool. That has been shared here before. I could watch it over and over, though.


In one of the vids, she has a Gretsch amp also.


Signature model in the works for next NAMM. (kidding)


Signature model in the works for next NAMM. (kidding)

– kc_eddie_b

Careful what you wish for.


I've seen her with a number of different guitars - the SG, an L5, the Gretsch, a Les Paul goldtop, and some kind of resonator guitar come to mind.

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