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It has to be something that isn't so liquid that it clogs up the screw head.... I thought it might be epoxy but you'll never get that out of the screw.... I have used black epoxy after a reset but put some tape over the screw first.....

The 'dowel' on my '61 6121 is mahogany though.


Just checked my '58 Clipper with a 10x lens as the "platinum grey" is flaking off the "dowel." It's not wood. It is black with a kind of rough/bumpy texture. It's kind of soft too -- almost waxy, as I was able to easily mark into it with a swiss army knife. It'll have to go to Curt when I can slip more than a piece of paper under the heel. Meanwhile I'll continue to abuse the neck with the Bigsby. Another bit of Gretsch-oterica revealed by crowdsourcing!


Just going back over this thread about what Afire and JBJ noticed with timing of the dovetail vs. tenon/mortar joint. Maybe Gretsch was using up stock parts in anticipation of the move to Booneville and the introduction of the Burns gearbox which might have necessitated a different neck joint?


I went to MGR this morning. It was bit of a lark, since the blow dry thing at my local filling station/car wash wasn't working, and I needed to dry my car. So I headed to MGR.

I wished I had rechecked this this thread for questions needed answering, but I didn't. But I can say some things.

  1. It had Made in USA 69248 on the back of the head stock, which means it is built in June 1969.

  2. It was pretty thin, my guess 2.5".

  3. The plug underneath the neck joint showed a section going with the the grain, not like a dowel that's cut across the grain. My '66 Tennessean shows the same.

  4. The volume and tone control knobs were like were like the old ones (pre-Baldwin), maybe the gold ones were harder to use up.

  5. The binding on the neck was good in the playable range. But for long term, expect to replace all of the binding. All in all, the binding was worse than the pictures.

hammerhands, that's quite a trip, I'm impressed.


The listing ended. Did one of you guys buy it?

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