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Since we’re talking Craigslist finds…. 1960 6120 in Chicago


This is a weird one. It's been posted for almost two years at various higher and lower price points. I've spoken to "Don" on the phone, and he says he's a retired CPD cop who can't get around any more. He wants cash brought to his house - no exceptions. And the west side of Chicago is pretty tough. Has anyone else seen this?



She's a looker. Very clean.


My old stomping grounds Josh.

Didn't realize that the neighbourhood has changed so much.

Nice looking guitar, but no quilting.


Yeah... I'm OUT on this one, but I'd take a friend if I was gonna go look at it.


Yeah, that's in the imfamous Clown's neighborhood.

– J(ust an old Cowboy)D

I don't know about that particular 'hood, but I know that pockets of the west side are really bad. I've been in Englewood at 1:30 a.m. and walked through Homan Square at night and been OK. But a buddy of mine got mugged in Grant Park. SO I guess it's everywhere.

The general rule these days, they say, is - down go west of Halstead or South of Roosevelt at night.


It's funny, the ad says "Never taken outside of house" but the pictures are outside shots.


It looks like Don is a realtor - so maybe it's legit. But this guitar has been on the market forever. I'd lowball him, if I were in the game.


I’ve watched that one for a few years too.


Tough to sell real estate if you don't go out of the house.


Tough to sell real estate if you don't go out of the house.

– Jeff H

Probably why he needs to sell the guitar.


As well, I thought realtors knew of all the good neighborhoods to live in.


Probably why he needs to sell the guitar.

– kc_eddie_b

He doesn't have any active listings.

We all might have egg on our faces when someone here nabs it for $5K.

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