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After checking the discussion history, I realize this topic has been beaten to death through the years; however, does anyone know if Paul Setzer is still making pickguards? I found his yahoo and gmail address and sent emails but have not heard back. Also, I did a history search of this forum and the other Gretsch forum and it does not look like he has posted in almost a year.

Sorry for this topic again; i just wasn't sure if I just need to be patient.


He posts occasionally--- more recently than that -- and he makes cool stuff for sure.


I think we have to be VERY patient. Luckily I have other projects, but I'm waiting to get one started as well!


Always worth the wait.


Yep , patience is the key! He is very busy with work I think. The pick guard biz is a sideline. I’ve got some Dynasonic spacers on order with him.


Paul is a stand up guy and a great craftsman as well, with an eye for detail and originality. He has made stuff for me in the past and actually has something going for me right now. As the others have noted.....patience is the key. Drop him a PM.


The man is a wizard! He just sent me decals to bring my Hilo'trons back to coolness and about a year ago he sent me headstock waterslides for my Corvette. He can be hard to pin down, but always comes through! Wizard.


Just another confirmation. The last job he did for me was 18 months or so ago (maybe a smidge longer), it took a minute, but well worth the wait.


We exchanged emails yesterday. All is good. Thanks everyone.


Could you ask him to exchange mail with me?


Could you ask him to exchange mail with me?

– Proteus

Me too!


I sent him an email with your request.


Hey I'll be in touch later this afternoon when I get off from work. So sorry for the delay!

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