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serial numbers (again)


I've owned a 1965 or 1966 6119 since the early 70's. It was all messed up but mostly original. Over the years I rehabbed it. The serial number however is still a mystery. I only see 3 numbers (163) stamped on the edge of the head stock. I can post a picture of this if GP allows it. Is it possible the serial number means January 1966 and it was the 3rd instrument? How else might I verify dating this relic?


Here is a pic of the head stock with the numbers 163 stamped on the edge.


If I recall the top-of-headstock numbers ended sometime in '65. But the numbering code order didn't start until they were moved to back of headstock some after that. It's all within a year of that I think. But it's mid 60s for sure.


The date coded numbers started in late '66. There was some interim oddball numbering done in mid-'66. I don't recall them being as short as three digits, but maybe. My guess is that's what it is.


I concur with Afire. These transition examples (from '66) are typically 4 digit numbers... but it's plausible the system started at 001, so this example seems legit.

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