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Saw this rare Baldwin 7587 at Gruhns


Never saw this model before and have to say it played really nice. Anyone know anything about it?


Pretty rare-- Viking body with Super Chet neck-- believed to have been made 1974-1975 in Booneville-- tell-tale sign of the much-maligned Baldwin/Burns gearbox truss rod-- the access plate on the heel cap. And you can't mistake those big butterbean-knob Imperial tuners.

Pretty sure it never appeared in a catalog-- it's certainly not in the 1972, 1975 or 1978 catalogs.

Are they still asking $3 grand for it? If I recall, it's in pretty good shape, with a bit of lacquer checking, but the binding looks solid, and the gold has aged nicely. I hope it comes with the truss rod adjusting tool... those things are a bit pricey-- £45.00 for a replacement tool alone.


I've seen two more of these for sale at various times online. One was sunburst and one was natural. There was also recently online a "Black Falcon" with the same inlays on the fingerboard but a different inlay on the headstock. I could be wrong, but I have a vague memory of learning at one time that these guitars were made out of spare parts at the Booneville factory after a second fire in the mid-1970's, the idea being to keep the workers busy while repairing fire damage and at least have some product going out of the factory until everything could be returned to normal


Very pretty and interesting guitar with the mish-mash of features making it neither one known model or another. To me, even if there was only a few dozen made making them obviously rare, a pristine copy doesn't command $3K. I see this as a good example of rarity not equating into extra value.

It does have a nice Bigsby with a Chet arm.


Wow! A double cut Deluxe Chet. The color reminds me of Windsor Dave’s guitar. I don’t know what the value of it is, but think it’s beautiful.


That bridge is bolted right into the braces. Seems very wrong to me.


Wow! A double cut Deluxe Chet. The color reminds me of Windsor Dave’s guitar. I don’t know what the value of it is, but think it’s beautiful.

– Baba Joe

Ah, check the cutaway Baba, this one is the standard double cutaway whereas both the SC & DC have the pseudo or hybrid cutaway, which the later Super Axe and Deluxe Axe borrowed from.

With the 4 knob configuration on this guitar, it's matches the DC array. I'm not familiar with the fretboard inlays aside from this oddball model.

I agree that it's a very pretty guitar. It's the asking price I believe folks - myself included - have an issue with here.


I think he was calling it a 'Doublecut' Deluxe Chet Meaning it looks like a Deluxe Chet with a double cutaway It really does look like a parts amalgamation. Country Gent body in red stain, Super Chet neck with different fretboard markers Deluxe Chet knobs and bigsby Country Gent pickguard Whew! Somebody had fun! Wouldn't that be a kick being able to make your own Gretsch with piles of cool parts.


Windsordave: I heard at one time -- I don't recall exactly from whom or when -- that the supposed correct terminology for the Super Chet and the Deluxe Chet body shape (and for that matter the Super Axe and the Atkins Axe) is that they are single cutaway guitars with an infolded (or folded in) upper bout


Dave, Toxophilte better stated what I meant (thanks T and also good catch on the bridge). Maybe correct assessment- fun parts guitar! I like it but have no plans to buy it and agree that the price is optimistic.

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