Vintage Gretsch Guitars

Rolling the dice on this vintage Country Club!


Looks cool! Hard to tell from the pics, but the body and neck binding might be different from the headstock and not rotting. I don't know if Gretsch ever did this. I hope it works out! I'm a lifetime member of the Big-Fat-Gretsch-with-Dynas Club and it's a GAS!


It has Thomastik-Infeld strings ($$$$!) which is a sign that the previous owner really cared...... That's a good sign, IMO.

It should be a WONDERFUL guitar! Enjoy!


I saw that on Craigslist here locally, He had it listed for quite a while. Glad to see it went to a good home.


Another great Gretsch coming home to roost! Congrats on your latest purchase. Sounds like the structural work is done, so just the finish and binding to deal with if you so choose. Any plans to refinish or replace the binding?


Cool, keep us posted on what it's like when it arrives.

Are you still putting that Bird through the paces?


Yessir - that old bird is still my main guitar! In regards to this new one, I guess we'll see what we get - I like the idea of a beat up player, so if can live with binding rot (for awhile) I'd like to just clean it, set it up nice, add a Bigsby, and play it. I'm fully expecting some unexpected "surprises" - ha.


Hellbilly, I have the same decal on my 65 Annie, albeit a tad bigger... Nice Club!


$1500 for a Dyna Club is a good deal even if the binding is falling off. Have fun and post pics. Now is a great time to buy.


Funny, I'd been watching that guitar on Craigslist for a while. Being a modified '66 it's got the unique characteristic of a zero fret and tone switch with dynasonics - I bet it'll sound great. Congratulations and enjoy!


Dynas aren't factory for a '66. Should still sound great.


Sweet ! Good luck and I bet she's a keeper.


Really bad binding rot, but still great! Straight neck and low action!


Some more pics

– hellbilly

Looks great. I especially like the tiny pin-up and her placement. Any idea what the actual year is? I bet the Dynas sound great here -- they look modern. Nice thing about sunburst is that the effect of binding rot are negligable. Play it hard and make the binding rot chunks fly.


Rode hard!

– hellbilly

"Rode hard!"

......................and put away very wet!

What if anything are your plans for this old gal?


I love big Jazz Boxes. Gotta Rock 'n' Roll-ize 'em with a Bigsby. Put on some flatwounds. Play the hell out of it. "Under Western Skies" (Michael Ray Wilhelm)


The action looks great in the eBay pictures. Nice score! I bet it sounds and plays fantastic.


Paint it flatblack! like a model T flames!

seriously though I think it's cool looking as is, though I'd be inclined to replace the binding. It's not an impossible task to take on yourself, especially as you couldn't likely make the binding any worse. it does help to if you're an octopus though.


I love it, and I'd say from the looks of it, you got a really good deal. Is it actually a '66?


Hellbilly, I have the same decal on my 65 Annie, albeit a tad bigger... Nice Club!

– Joss

And so does he on his early '70s Les Paul Custom.

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