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Roller Bridge on your vintage Gretsch?


Has anyone tried the modern roller bridge on a Bigsby equipped vintage Gretsch? I see Schaller and a few others are making them to fit archtops.

Thanks in advanced.


I wouldn‘t use a roller bridge. Too many (moveable) parts generates friction and sucks tone.


Be sure to lube it with snake oil.


I had one that came stock on an early 90’s Sparkle Jet. Hated it and bought a newer Bar bridge.. sold the guitar probably late 90’s.


Is 90's vintage? Lol

My 90's Jet had a space control that I hated and so it got a retrofit with a 90's Gretsch roller-adjust-o-matic that I like a lot. I don't think the bridge base mattered that much.

I don't notice a loss in tone on mine, but I have one that sounds pretty great no matter what I do to it.

Directly adjacent to your question, I suppose, but it's what I've got.


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