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Rocking a Baldwin, no seriously,…


Paul Pesco making it happen with a Baldwin and some glass. Grace is bringing it as well.

More slide on the Baldwin:


That's a Roundup! Did you see the buckle on the tailpiece?

I thought it was just a Pumpkin Roc-Jet.

I'd love to have one, but when they come up, they're not cheap.

They are well built rock machines.

People knock them because they're Balwin built, but they're some good guitars with different designs.


Oh, actually I think it is a brass slide not glass?


Someone posted here a few years back this band and with a guy just tearing it up on a Baldwin Tennessean, which don''t get a lot of respect -- but occasionaly these unplayed ones show up at reasonable prices ... I would be tempted if it were Killer Clean.


It's called a Country Roc. See page 9. It's got leather too.


Baldwin era guitars don't get the respect they deserve.


There are certainly jewels in the coal chute. I have a '77 Country Gent, factory-custom white finish... and left-handed... that is a joy to hear and play. And it looks not too bad (apart from the switch tips ).



Wow... I hadn't seen this one Paul. Really nice looking! Nice to not have the mutes and back pad either.


Heck, for that matter my old BST can really bring the rock!


I think that Baldwin manufactured pretty decent guitars. They were just more clueless about the market than Gretsch at that time. If they had held onto an Anniversary with Filtertrons and a Duojet with Dynasonics, things may have turned out different.



Wow... I hadn't seen this one Paul. Really nice looking! Nice to not have the mutes and back pad either.

– kc_eddie_b

Acquired it from the original owner, too. He was a young fellow when he got it, made a special custom order (hence the color), and had to pay it off in installments; he gave me the receipts on his payments and all that. Provenance! Also came with a flight case custom-sized to fit Country Gents (really great for me, since I have three of them!). A darned happy haul for less than $4K.



One if the best jets I ever owned was a country roc. Booneville guitars are awesome


I had an "Atkins Axe" back in the 80's that I loved. I bought it brand new in 1978. I wish I still had it too. I replaced the awful Badass bridge and installed a Bigsby and a set of Bill Lawerence L500's(?) the humbucking size ones. I sold it to a cop friend of mine in Corpus Christi(actually a Detective and really nice guy). It had that flat ebony fingerboard with med. jumbo fret wire. and the body was pretty thin...


I'm playing a chet super axe at the moment and it's really, really nice. A Lovely never ending neck with a super low action. Just can't see how these guitars are not more sought after


I saw the Cowboy Junkies recently and Andy Timmons was using a Roc Jet and it looked and sounded great.

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