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Roc Jet 7610 wiring diagram


Greetings All, Tried searching here and the inter web, but can’t seem to find a diagram for the ‘71 Roc Jet I just picked up. To me, it looks like a Les Paul with a MV, but I can’t really tell by looking under the hood. The stock electronics are pretty corroded, but everything works and sounds good, so I may just leave it all alone vs making a new harness. Any help is very much appreciated! Thanks, RD


TVJones website is pretty helpful for this sort of thing, I've heard.


I don't know if TVJones has any of the '70's wiring diagrams; you can check on his site under resources. There were some major changes made in the '70's and I know that some of the newer Chet models got some very involved circuitry. That said, your description of a Les Paul wiring with a master volume sounds right. Having stuffed wiring into a Duo Jet once I can say that I'd avoid doing it unless I really had to. There are ways of spraying contact cleaner into the pots without removing the harness.

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