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Replacement Tuenrs for 1959 Duo Jet


Hi, Does anyone know what tuner brand I can get to replace a stripped out tuner on my 1959 Duo Jet? I see the pics of the vintage ones on the thread below but not sure what to get for my jet. I play it on many gigs so I can go with a new tuner or working vintage one. Thanks for any help!


Jets from '59 used chrome plated Waverly 12:1 tuners; rarely Grover 12:1 Sta-tites. There aren't any modern drop-in replacements. Used ones turn up frequently on ebay and reverb. If you want to do a total new set, the folks at will be able to give advice so that you won't have to do any excessive drilling.


I did a few eBay searches and couldn't find any singles, just sets. But one will turn up and it shouldn't take too long. Or if you don't mind spending $200ish, you could buy a set and have spares. There's also a member here who routinely is posting partial sets of old tuners and odds and ends. It would be worth a shot to PM him:


OK thanks, too bad for me there are not any modern replacements I can just drop in there.


On the bright side you have a 1959 Duo Jet.


Which side, treble or bass? I bet we can find you one without too much trouble.


Your DuoJet is more collectable than my ‘62 double cut Champagne Sparkle DuoJet. Mine’s a player so I went with Schallers with my open back Waverlys worn out. My Space Control had flattened, so... got a newer Spacy, a Bigsby compensated and Gibson Tune-a-matic.
I actually like the zero fret, small frets (regularly dressed but original) And my Burns Wiggle stick. I kept the old gears and bridge for giggles and the Schallers just used different mounting holes, no boring. Choice is yours.

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