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Remember this enigma…..Country Gent S/N 26401?


For those of you who participated in the interesting and lengthy discussion awhile back regarding this guitar, and why a '60 built Gent ended up with the S/N plaque from the first production Country Gent, the super stubborn widow has finally reduced the price to a much more reasonable amount. For those who aren't aware, she'd originally priced this guitar of her late husband at $10.5K IIRC. Now it's down to $7.5K. No affiliation with the seller beyond a few conversations a few years ago. It is a nice guitar and all original.


For reference:

One of the more interesting guitarchaeology threads I've read here in the past few years, thanks to Ed, Afire, JBJ and others.

I wish she'd gotten the 10.5K, though, to be honest.


Thanks for referencing that thread again. Since it ended I had two fellows here in BC contact me regarding this guitar, the first one after talking with me on the phone, returned to play it again and look for all the little things I told him about which he did. This guitar is '60. She's still calling it a '59 as that gives it a bit more cache than '60. Her current asking price is what I said it should probably sell for when I spoke with her, and this wasn't the first conversation either.

Both fellows that contacted me were asking in particular, my opinion on buying this guitar as an investment. I went into all the issues involved with it having the wrong S/N plaque on as regards selling it in the future, when an astute buyer would/could be put off by this enigma. The guitar meets all the criteria for being dead original and in very good condition....well played but very well looked after. I didn't make any recommendations to either fellow as to whether this would be a good investment opportunity but both decided against it due to the S/N mystery, especially given the asking price. I knew for a fact she'd have taken $10K for it back then but in both my opinion and that of another well know expert here on the GDP, $7.5 was the top price it should sell for.

I agree Jim, it was just about the most interesting thread on vintage Gretsches I've seen here in my time as a member. We didn't solve the mystery but I did, especially with the additional research done by both fellows, conclude that there was no subterfuge involved. The one fellow actually located and spoke with the owner prior to the seller's late husband who got the guitar when that fellow traded it in 5 or 6 months after buying it in Saskatchewan in very early '61, IIRC.

At this new price, she might in fact sell it. She was adamant that the S/N being wrong....after I finally convinced her of the fact, shouldn't be an impetus to a sale as it doesn't affect the guitar's condition. I tried to explain that in dealing with models like this, buyers, particularly those buying as an investment in this price range, are highly cognizant of every detail and nuance and the S/N enigma would bother them and more than likely put them off buying. She wouldn't have any of it, but in this and a few previous listings, she's at least acknowledged that the S/N doesn't match the features. She doesn't get into why the enigma is important, but she does in fact know!


Windsor Dave I was browsing our local Kijiji here in London Ont and she seems to have it listed again at $9900.00 - Has it been sold and the new owner is trying to flip it?


Well, there's no ad for it on Kijiji here in BC. It could be a case of being for sale in Canada for $10K and in the US on Reverb for $7500. Of course I can't say for certain that the guitar was sold and is being flipped as the rhetoric in the Kijiji ad is identical to what the seller was using over a year ago. IMO, I think the original seller is still the one selling this guitar. She's taken its ad down a few times because it hasn't sold then it re-surfaces again. I think she tries different locations to put an ad in hopes it sells......she's one of the most stubborn people I've ever run across.

When she first had it for sale 2 years ago, I talked to her several times and wrote a lengthy email explaining everything, and included many links for her to check on for herself so as to not just believe what I was saying. I referenced Ed's books and how to contact him but she didn't, choosing to believe the bull$hit her daughter living in the US fed her as well as other friends' BS research. None of them know jack-$hit about vintage guitars and aren't interested in learning.

In today's market, because of the S/N enigma, to me this guitar is worth at most $6K US.


The guitar ad that won't die!

That is US dollars Don. Now it's down to where it should've been 3 years ago. I have half a mind to call Ann and tell her I told her so......all the stubborn resistance she had to my advice, including getting it appraised by Gruhn if she didn't want to believe me. Her daughter filled her head with idiotic ideas about it's value as well as some friends. Her rock bottom price back then was $10K. I tried, in vain, to apprise her of the issues surrounding the S/N enigma but she couldn't or didn't chose to acknowledge it was an issue at all.

On the plus side, the guitar is all original and while worn a bit, was well loved and well taken care of. Owner since the early '60's, but not the original owner.


One curious thing about the badge, how many of the 264xxs had the screw-in badges and why didn't Gretsch simply use the pins/brads on this "26401" which they had been doing since '58?


the pickup covers are not correct--nor is the bigsby for 58/59

We've dissected it already I know


the pickup covers are not correct--nor is the bigsby for 58/59

We've dissected it already I know

– Gasmoney

They're correct for a '60 which this guitar, we've concluded, is. She's always been convinced from my conversations with her and another fellow who contacted me and had the guitar in hand twice, that saying it's from the '50's gives it a cache that it being a '60 won't give it. Ed and I have hashed this thing to death!!

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